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When you walk into Nutrishop, your goals immediately become ours. Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to you and your needs. Our in-store experience is very consultative and custom to everyone.

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Nutrishop can help you build a sports nutrition franchise with a distinctive edge. Learn more about why our customers keep coming back and why franchise owners love their businesses.

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5 Body Composition Myths Debunked
Fitness & Workouts

5 Body Composition Myths Debunked

As much as we'd like to believe, fat cannot actually turn into muscle, targeted fat loss is a myth, and carbs aren't evil. Keep reading to discover more truths.
Stop! Your Meal Prep Could Be Harming You
Health & Wellness

Stop! Your Meal Prep Could Be Harming You

Storing hot food or re-heating food in plastic containers can be bad for your health. Choose glass, silicone, or stainless steel for healthier, eco-friendly alternatives.
The 411 on Digestive Enzymes
Health & Wellness

The 411 on Digestive Enzymes

Why we need them, what they do and a brief overview of the benefits of supplementation.